Highlander II
29 January 2012 @ 07:11 pm
awesome day of lazy -  
which mostly means that i've spent the day doing jack all... why? b/c i wanted to. that's one of the awesome things about being an adult - you can choose to do fuck all one day b/c you feel like it. (or b/c you are *still* trying to kick that freaking cold from 2 weeks ago... yes, really, it's a cold, things are going away, just slower than i'd like)

anyway - so far, today i've watched:

2 eps of [H]ouse, MD s4 (there totally s/h/b more of Ridiculously Old Fraud)
Flushed Away
A Bug's Life

currently watching:


will watch later:

Monsters vs Aliens
Arthur Christmas
Finding Nemo
episodes of Falling Skies

may watch: Despicable Me

if i get through all of that and still need things to watch, i'll work on Sherlock some more.

tell me that's not an awesome way to spend the day. XD

ok, so i'm also working on some knitting and some fic... most of this is b/c i hate shopping on Sundays b/c even more ppl are already out doing that, so i wait until Mondays most of the time.

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