Highlander II
29 February 2012 @ 02:38 pm
ponies -  
Thanks to [personal profile] helens78 I now have a box o' ponies that are in need of some cleaning and brushing, but after that, will be nicely woven into my current collection. There are a couple of duplicates, but that's okay. If the dups are in better shape than my currents, I'll switch 'em out and find new homes for the duplicates.

But first - restoration!

Which will probably happen this weekend. I have other things on the docket for today and I have to work the rest of the week, so it'll probably be Sunday before I get a chance to work on them.

Plus, I need to get a few supplies - like acetone-based nail polish remover.

EDIT: xkcd wins for mentioning both WITWICS and Rockapella in the most recent comic... it made me giggle. XD

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