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17 May 2012 @ 10:42 pm
11 random questions...  
snagged question list from [livejournal.com profile] honorh

1. You can choose one character from each of your major fandoms to be at your side in the Robot Uprising. Who are they, and why did you choose them?

Defining 'primary' as 'write fanfic in as well as regularly watch':
* MacGyver (MacGyver) - why *wouldn't* you choose him?
* Jack O'Neill (SG1) - b/c you need a guy w/ leadership skills who knows how to shoot guns
* Jarod (the pretender) - if nothing else, he can pretend to be one of the robots and get them to follow him
* Buffy (BtVS) - I'd pick Spike, but he's gonna be less good against robots than Buffy, esp'ly during the day
* Allison Cameron (House) - b/c while House would be awesome for the knowledge, he can't run for shit
* Sarah MacKenzie (JAG) - she's a badass Marine, and while Harm can fly an F-14, Mac will kick your ass in a second
* Jack McCoy (L&O) - he can't fight, but he's got a motorcycle and I'll bet he can navigate some tight curves on that thing
* Odafin Tutuola (L&O:SVU) - NYC cop, badass, can't go wrong
* Harry Dresden (Dresden Files) - 'I can kill a copier at 50 paces' - absolutely takin' this guy w/ me, he'll blow out the robots just by being there
* Connor MacLeod (Highlander) - swordfighting badass who can't die, 'nuff said
* Van Helsing (Van Helsing) - equipped with Carl's inventions, he's good to go
* John Doggett (X-Files) - former military and NYPD office turned FBI agent dealing with weird shit - I want him on my side
* Steve McGarrett (H50) - I'd take Danno, but McGarrett's berserker enough to take out the 'bots w/o a care in the world
* Wolverine (X-Men) - adamantium claws. that is all
* Mary Shannon (IPS) - badass Marshall chic who would *so* kick your ass on a good day, don't try her patience on a bad one
* Harvey Specter (Suits) - he'll convince them all that it would be better to do something other than attack/invade and get them to pay him for the advice
* Brian Kinney (QaF-US) - if it's possible for them to fuck, he'll start and orgy and that'll be the end of it, if not, he's pretty handy w/ a baseball bat

2. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn how to do, but haven't?

Play saxophone. Okay, technically I know *how* to play it, but formal lessons would help me learn real fingerings and not just the ones that match flute fingerings.

3. If you could stop filmmakers/TV producers/writers/etc. from doing just one thing ever again, what would it be?

Turning strong female characters into baby-wanting alien pod-people. With 'hooking up two major characters' as a replacement for plot as a close second.

4. What's one fictional universe you'd happily trade the real world for?

I honestly have no idea.

5. What's a petty little irritation you know shouldn't bother you as much as it does?

My computer being ridiculously slow. :(

6. If you could elect one fictional character to be Dictator of the World, who would it be?

MacGyver. Hands down.

7. Name one of life's little pleasures you don't know if anyone else shares.

A really good milkshake.

8. Top item on your Bucket List!

See Hugh Laurie perform live in concert. Since I already knocked 'meet Richard Dean Anderson' off the list. XD

9. What's the one kind of character that can absolutely ruin any kind of fiction for you?

The blatant non-ironic MarySue of doom.

10. If you could visit any place on Earth, where would you go?

The Seychelles sound nice.

11. What animal would you like to be reincarnated as?

A cheetah.

My list of questions:
(( Play if you'd like... I never know who to tag. ))

1) What is your favorite TV theme song?
2) You find a 'time capsule' someone buried in your backyard, what's inside?
3) What 'green' initiative drives you up the wall?
4) Name five things you've used duct tape for/on. (Or things you could use it for.)
5) Which TV lawyer would you want to represent you in court?
6) Someone pulls up and offers to share their cab with you - who's in the cab?
7) Zombie Apocalypse time: Item to your immediate left is your primary weapon, to your immediate right is your secondary weapon, and the protagonist from the last fiction book you read is your back-up. How are your chances? (yes, i snagged this, more or less, from the list [livejournal.com profile] honorh had)
8) What is your favorite nail polish color? (doesn't have to be one that you wear)
9) Do you own an e-reader? If so, which. If not, would you ever buy one and if so, which one?
10) Embed your favorite music video.
11) You're stuck in an MC Escher work - which one and why?

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