Highlander II
09 August 2012 @ 10:15 pm
Roleplaying crossover thingy...  
shamelessly snatched from [personal profile] rhi... b/c after this shitty day, I could totally use something un-shitty.

1. Make a post with these instructions.
2. Post a snippet of dialogue from the character in your icon. (Maybe leave me the name/fandom if you don't think I'll know them.)
3. Your flist/dwircle will respond with dialogue from the character in their own icon.
4. Have lots of random crossover conversations between fictional characters.
5. Have fun. And bunnies.

Jarod is [somewhere] playing with [some random pop culture doohikey] and finding it truly fascinating!

He could be in a park with a Wheel-o.
He could be on a bus stop bench with a Twinkie.
He could be riding a mechanical bull in a bar.
He could be in a zoo feeding a giraffe.

Feel free to choose one of these or toss out one of your own!

(( Jarod from "The Pretender" ))

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